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  Hangzhou Ideal Wine Co., Ltd. is the sole authorized agent and distributor of France Bordeaux winery, Vignobles J.H.Laville in the Asia-Pacific region. The locations of agencies and distributorship include China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea.
  Our company's grapes are grown in the France Bordeaux winery, Vignobles J.H.Laville. The Laville family have been involved in the wine business since 1510. The total area of their vineyard is 80 hectares and the annual output is about 60,000 cases of wine, in which 70 percent were exported to 35 regions all over the world.
  Laville vineyard is adjacent to the cellar which ensures the quality of the wines, and the winery’s facilities used for wine storage are the combination of traditional Bordeaux technique and the latest technology. Therefore, under the efforts of several generations, Vignobles Laville vineyard is without doubt the assurance of quality.

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