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Label of wine


The labels of wine produced in various regions are different and design styles are also different, but some basic elements must be possessed by most of labels, such as place of production, grape variety, vintage, bottling place and classification, etc.

        The vintage on the label must be noted. It not only represents the age of wine but also is the foundation for judging quality. Vintage refers to the harvest year of grapes and grapes of different years are different in quality, so the harvest year of grapes will influence the quality and lifetime of wine.

                     Of course, different bottling places also influence the quality of wine. For example, if you read the label and find that this wine is bottled in the place of production, it can basically ensure the quality of this wine, because wine farmers are sure to take good care of them as look after their own children from grape-planting to wine-making and bottling. If the wine is bottled by a wine merchant, its quality may be a bit poor relatively but not absolutely.

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