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Table wine

There is a great variety of wine and different wine must match with different foods, this way, you can enjoy the joy of wine and foods simultaneously.               a. Dry white wine: It tastes fresh and has a high acidity, so people often drink it before meals. Generally, people like matching dry white wine with oyster, fish and shrimp in seafood; with respect to meat, dry white wine is suitable to match with chicken and pork, especially boiled pork slices, its taste will be better.                             b. Sweet dry white wine: It is usually cultured in an oak barrel, it tastes mellow but not sweet, its body is round and full and its bouquet is rich and varied, so it is suitable to match with seafood dishes, such as scallop, shrimp and crab. In addition, it can also match with fish in brown sauce and meat, but it is unsuitable to match with steamed foods.                      c. Fruity dry white wine: It is famous for its unique fragrance, its body sends out the fragrance of roses and almonds, etc, it tastes mellow and full and has a high acidity, generally, it matches with some peculiar dishes, such as some simple cold dishes which are made of winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms and fruits.                         d. Semi-sweet dry white wine: It is suitable to match with spicy food and it tastes a bit sweet. When acidity is enough, it has a good balanced taste. Apart from spicy food, it can also match with dessert and dishes made of fruit. The greatest convenience of this wine consists in matching well with some foods which other wine can not match with, such as curry and satay, etc.                        e. Pink wine: It belongs to light wine, its aroma is fresh and it mainly matches with simple dishes, such as cold dishes and boiled pork slices, etc. In addition, some dishes which are difficult to make, such as dishes needing much vinegar and garlic, can also be matched with it.                    f. Tannin red wine: It has a deep and heavy color, a compact structure, a strong convergence and a strong and rich fragrance, so it can match well with red-cooked dishes, such as red-cooked meat and fish in brown sauce, etc.                 g. Supple red wine: Its representative is Pinot Noir red wine which is usually described as a kind of wine having women's elegance and suitable to match with true mushrooms.                 h. Rich red wine: It can match with stewed meat with spices. In addition, it can also match with game.                i. Light sparkling wine: It tastes fine and generally it is used as an aperitif, it is suitable to match with seafood or dessert.

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